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Handbook of Disabled Driver Assessment

This Handbook describes a comprehensive assessment process which the authors hope will be the benchmark for developments in this field in the foreseeable future. Disabled people already have a right to be treated no worse than other members of society. The approach described in this Handbook is thorough, transparent, fair to them and ensures that road safety is not compromised.
The differences between the Member States of the European Community make it quite difficult to describe concisely the work of a driving assessor in a way which will fit all their current regulations, but the procedures in this book are based on the spirit and letter of the European Driving License Directive. Hopefully, Member States will be stimulated by this description of the assessment process to consider adapting their procedures along the lines suggested.

Handbook of Disabled Driver Assessment
Edited by  John Hunter, Jos de Vries, Yvonne Brown and Aleid Hekstra on behalf of the PORTARE Working Group
ISBN: 978-961-6060-75-2
Published: Ljubljana, April 2009, 441 pages
Price: € 40,-  (excluding postage)
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