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A world class vehicle adaptation industry

with consitent EU standards and

high quality customer service

CAPI is a European not-for-profit organisation in which industry, governments and customers work together to esablish a world class vehicle adaptation industry with consitent EU standard and high quality customer service.

CAPI wants to ensure mobility, independence and safety for disabled and elderly persons using adapted motor vehicles. CAPI will achieve this mission through the following objectives:
  1. improve mobility of EU citizens with a disability by increasing the availability and use of adapted vehicles.
  2. create EU standards to achieve affordable independence for European citizens
  3. provide an equivalent level of safety to that offered by vehicles without adaptations.
  4. work to integrate adapted vehicles into existing motor vehicle industry standards
  5. guarantee adaptations compensate the disability of drivers so that they are able to fulfill the EU driving license directive

What are the industry benefits of the CAPI activities?

For manufacturers of adaptation products the benefits are:
- compliance with clear standards
- EU harmonization reducing testing costs
- acceptance and better relations with OEM’s
- create more business through customer awareness
- greater focus on customer satisfaction
- better guidelines for integrating and designing of products

For adaptation companies the benefits are:
- can focus on business instead of spending time and money on (EU) rules and regulations
- get access to information and knowledge to make right product choices
- increased competition and lower prices from manufacturers
- ensured product quality
- easier relations with the car dealerships
- acceptance from OEM’s
- create more business through customer awareness
- greater focus on customer satisfaction
- availablity of information and assessment training

For car manufacturers and dealers the benefits are:
- increased sales with bigger range of adaptations
- increased confidence in adaptation industry as partners
- increased knowledge and information about certified adaptation companies in the vicinity
- greater customer satisfaction
- better social responsibility / image

How does the customer benefits from the CAPI work?

For the customer the benefits of the CAPI activities are:
- informed choices to obtain suitable solutions
- increased range of adapted vehicles
- achieve affordable adapted vehicles
- levels of safety equal to vehicles without adaptations
- maintain maximum resale values
- better integrated and designed adaptations in vehicles
- compensate the disability of drivers to enable fullfilment of the EU driving license requirements