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The CAPI Organisation

The CAPI Foundation
CAPI is a European not-for-profit organisation in which industry, governments and customers work together. To assure that the Car-Adaptation Protocol Initiative is not dominated by any industrial, national or marketing interests, an independent foundation has been established.

The Foundation has the follwing objectives:
  1. the improvement of the mobility of persons in Europe with physical and/or cognitive limitations through the promotion of availability and use of modified vehicles offering an equivalent level of safety to that offered by similar standard vehicles without modifications.
  2. the carrying out of all further activities which are associated with the foregoing in the broadest sense, or which might further those objectives.

The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of the CAPI Foundation may include representatives of one or more of the following interests or sectors:
  1. the vehicle adaptation industry;
  2. the competent agencies determining fitness to drive;
  3. drivers or prospective drivers with physical and/or cognitive limitations;
  4. the vehicle industry;
  5. the vehicle inspection authorities; 
  6. funding agencies and/or fleet managers of adapted vehicles;
The statutes of the CAPI foundation can be obtained through the executive secretariat

For 2009, the Board of Directors consists of:
president    Håkan Sandberg (Autoadapt)
secretary    Amancio Ruiz (Guidosimplex)
treasurer    Jos de Vries (CBR)
member      Jenny Richardson (NMEDA-UK)

The Board expects to expand on short term with Pelle Kölhed from the Swedish Organisation for Disabled.

The Board is assisted by permanent advisors, including currently:
Øistein Hagfors    president of the European Mobility Group (EMG)
Roger Gough       technical director Motability

The Board is assisted in its work by the executive secretariat

The Working Groups
The actual work for the development of the protocols is done within working groups.
There are currently four working groups established:
A – seating
B – mechanical systems
C – high tech systems
D – human factors

Experts from the following car-adaptation companies or organisations are involved in one or more of the working groups:
  • Autoadapt (SE)
  • Bever (NL)
  • Bryg-Ayd (UK)
  • B&S Autoaanpassingen (NL)
  • Guidosimplex (IT)
  • Hand-Pro (NO)
  • Kivi (IT)
  • Paravan (DE)
  • Steering Developments (UK).