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Car-Adaptation Protocol Initiative

Ensure mobility, independence and safety

for disabled and elderly persons

using adapted motor vehicles

We are pleased that you are interested in the issues of car-drivers with a disability.

Driving is an essential part of our live! However, some people may encounter physical or cognitive limitations that give reason to drive adapted vehicles. This might become apparent during the application for a first driving licence, or after many years because of changes in the health situation.

To assure mobility for drivers with physical or cognitive limitations it is essential that properly adapted vehicles are made available at reasonable price.

Some companies make great solutions for disabled persons to drive a car, but differences in national legislation makes it unnecessary difficult and costly to get these solutions available throughout Europe.

On the other hand some companies make absolutely unsuitable solutions but can sell these without problems because of lack of knowledge of local authorities and/or funding agencies.

CAPI – the Car-Adaptation Protocol Initiative – wants to change this situation and wants to establish a world class vehicle adaptation industry with consisten EU standards and high quality customer service.

CAPI – What is CAPI? What are the goals? Who is involved?
Protocols – Ideas and proposals for improvement of legislation for car-adaptations.
Work Groups – Information on EU legislation and (international) standards for vehicles.
PORTARE – Information on the assessment of disabled drivers.
Partners – Information about the European car-adaptation industry.
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